Account types

Personal account

A personal account provides easy interaction between the apps and links in one place. By upgrading to a Personal Premium account it also allows you to share your desktops with guests. 

The desktops created with a personal account are called personal desktops.

Guests users can be invited to be part of one or more desktops within your account.

Guests can use all apps added to the desktop to which they were invited and can also collaborate on your desktops by adding and managing links.


Business account

A business account is meant for businesses, groups, or other users who want to create a team space for collaborating.

Unlike a personal free and personal premium account, a business account allows you to invite members to your account, in addition to having guest users to your desktops.

This means that, in addition to having guest users, you will be able to invite members and administrators to your account and desktops.

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You can also arrange user groups called Teams.

To learn more about Teams management here

Desktops created in a business account are called company desktops.

Company desktops are desktops that are available for the team members that you have invited to your account. Company desktops are created by you (the owner) or administrators of the account.

The administrators of your account can create and manage сompany's desktops by managing users, teams, and apps for the desktop.

Company desktops are not available for guest users and if you are a member of a business account without any administrator rights you must be added to a company desktops by one of the account administrators.

Members of a Business account can also create their own personal desktops which they can share with other members of the account or guest users.

To learn more about the different account types, please see our Plans.