How to create a workspace desktop

Create a Desktop

  • Navigate to the Workspace desktops and click the "+" button

  • Enter the desktop name, description (optionally) and click the "Create" button


By default, your account will be added to the desktop that you created.

if you don't want to add your account to the desktop you are creating, please uncheck the "Add my account to this desktop" checkbox.


You can continue with adding more desktops from the Workspace desktop menu by clicking the New Desktop button:


  • Now you can manage your desktop

The desktops you create from the Company Account administration interface are desktops that belong to your Company Account and can only be accessible by members of your Company Account. You can manage which groups and/or users  will have an access to the desktop you have created.


  • Open Desktop app
  • Tap ☰ Expand menu top left 

  • Navigate to the Workspace desktops and tap the "+" button


  • Enter the desktop name and description (optionally) and tab the Create button

You can either continue with adding new screenshots by tapping the New desktop button or go back to the desktop menu by clicking the Close button


If you wish to go back to the main menu, tab Expand menu after closing the desktops list