Chat with

Reply to conversations or directly message anyone else in the Workspace.

Types of chats:

- Direct (between members/guests or between a member  and an external person not associated with the account)

- Group chat (chat with all members of a particular desktop)


Chat is included with every type of accounts. 

Please note that to start chatting with someone, you need to  make sure that you belong to the same workspace.

How to start a direct chat

  • Click the People icon in the upper right corner


  • Choose the Member you want chat with and then click the Message button


How to start a group chat

  • Choose the desktop you want to start chat with and click the Chat button


How to start a chat on a mobile device (Android)


  • Tap the Chats button and then tap the Expand menu button again


  • You can either start a new chat by clicking the Pensil button or choose any of your existing direct or group chats from the menu.