Make calls and video conferences with

Types of calls:

- One to one (between members/guests or between a member and an external person not associated with the account)

- Channel (group call limited to members of a desktop)

How to make a one to one call in

  • Open the People menu in the top right corner
  • Select the participant you want to call to

If you do not have any participants, learn how to invite people to the workspace here


Please note that to make calls or video conference with someone, you must make sure that you are in the same workspace.

  • Select the Call or Video call option in the opened menu


How to make a group call on

  • Select the Desktop (personal or workspace) you want to call to 
  • Go to the Chat tab menu
  • Click the Call or Video Call button calls and video calls can only be used to make calls within


How to invite more people to the call?

  • Start with a call with someone
  • Click the Invite People button in the lower right corner

  • Click the Copy meeting link button in the opened window

  • Share the link with other participants