This topic answers commonly-asked billing information related questions

Change billing information


  • Go to your Account  menu > ⚙️Administration > Billing

  • Next to Billing information click Edit
  • Fill in the form with new information then click the Save button 

Change billing contact


  • Go to your Account  menu > ⚙️Administration > Billing

  • Navigate to the Billing contact section
  • Change the Billing E-mail address
  • Click the Save button to save changes


Payment methods allows you to add multiple credit or debit cards, but the only one can be active at the time.


To change your Payment Method :

  • Go to your Account menu > ⚙️Administration > Billing

  • Next to Payment methods click Add payment method

Setting your payment method as preferred means that this method will be used for active payments



All account owners and admins can view and download invoices for their Desktop account.


To view invoices :

  • Go to your Account  menu > ⚙️Administration > Billing

  • Navigate to Invoices section down the screen below

In addition, all invoices are sent to the e-mail of the owner of the Desktop with a copy to the billing contact